About Lambros Christofi

A well-known entrepreneur, Lambros Christofi is defined by his sharp business skills and drive to succeed. Today he lives and works in Limassol, Cyprus. There, he is the chairman of the Christofi Group. The company manages family assets in consulting, real estate, technology, consulting, and more. His group has seen great success on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Mr. Christofi’s story is one of hard work and success. After all, he wasn’t always this successful. He’s put in years working hard to get to where he is now. As a young man, he began work as an insurance agent at CypriaLife. He worked his way up to become the Sales & Marketing Manager. His story doesn’t end there– he helped take the company to the largest insurance group in Cyprus. 

It wasn’t long before Lambros Christofi heard the call of entrepreneurship. Inspired, he left to found the CLJ Financial Services Ltd. The group was later listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange as MPS Public Company Ltd. The company has seen excellent growth through its acquisition of other public and private companies. 

Mr. Christofi has shepherded the Christofi Group’s team to become extremely successful. THe young team has grown in leaps and bounds. He’s very proud of what they have accomplished in the world of business and investing. 

Learn more about Lambros Christofi at LambrosChristofi.org.